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Chandler Black 555 - click for more photos Fender American Elite Telecaster  - click for more photos Custom White Telecaster - click for more photos
I spent many years waiting for an opporunity to pick up a Chandler 555, and it did not dissapoint. One of my favorite guitars. I'm a big fan of the Mini-Humbucker pickups, and I installed a Chandler ToneX tone control for an additional kick. 2016 Fender American Elite Telecaster in Autumn Blaze Metallic finish. This guitar is completely stock-- one of the few I haven't made any mods to. It was perfect right out of the box! White Telecaster that's been heavily modded, tweaked & recycled. The only actual Fender parts left are the neck pickup, pickguard & some electronics. With aWarmoth neck w/Schaller locking tuners and a Rio Grande Muy Grande Twangbucker pickup in the bridge. Forearm and tummy contours make it really comfortable to play.
Les Paul Special Double Cut Custom Telecaster - click for more photos Fender 69 Reissue Thinline Telecaster 2003 HotRod Flame - click for more photos
2015 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut in classic "TV Yellow". One of the all-time greats for straight-ahead rock. This model has the "robo-tuners" which a lot of people don't like, but I think they're pretty useful. I've been playing this one a lot and it's become one of my favorites. This is a custom Telecaster that I put together myself, with an MJT body, Fishman Fluence pickups, Tronical tuners and a neck from CEG Hardtails. Right now, this is my favorite guitar to play, it's my #1 go-to guitar. Re-issue of the Fender '69 Telecaster Thinline, cream-white finish with a flame pattern revealing the natural wood beneath. Very cool looking guitar, great to play, too.
1978 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe - click for more photos Customized Blue Flower Stratocaster - click for more photos DiPinto Belvedere Deluxe - click for more photos
This 1978 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe goldtop has plenty of wear & tear including some serious checking on the top, but it's got a lot of mojo. Customized Fender Blue Flower Stratocaster, with Suhr Michael Landau pickups, a beautiful Warmoth neck with graphite nut & vintage Fender-style frets, and Tronical motorized tuners. DiPinto Belvedere Deluxe. I played one of these at the NAMM Show and fell in love with it-- had to buy one! Cool retro looks, nice mini-humbuckers, and plays like a charm.
Yamaha Revstar RS502T in Bowden Green - click for more photos Modified Fender Stratocaster - click for more photos Line 6 JTV-59 Variax - click for more photos
Yamaha Revstar RS502T in Bowden Green, with P90 pickups w/push-pull "Dry" switch and aluminum tailpiece. The Revstar design was inspired by vintage motorcycles. Modified Fender Stratocaster. Originally a Squier Affinity Stratocaster HH, I replaced & upgraded everything except the body; an actual Fender neck, Fender locking tuners, GFS 60's Overwound pickups and a GFS bridge. All because I can't resist a Pink Sparkle finish! Line 6 Variax JTV-59. A lot of folks don't buy into modeling guitars but I certainly think they have their place. These guitars come in handy in many ways & can make gigging much easier. I'm particularly fond of the electric sitar model.
Washburn HB45WHK  - click for more photos Gretch Streamliner Vineyard JC501CEQ/T Acoustic w/ EQ and Tuner - click for more photos
Washburn HB45WHK. I was looking for a semi-hollowbody and read a great review of this guitar in Guitar Player magazine, so when I found one in my price range, I scooped it up. 2016 Gretsch Streamliner G2420T hollowbody in Gold Dust finish. With licenced Bigsby vibrato and Broad'Tron pickups. Saw this one up at a good price, I couldn't resist. Vineyard JC501CEQ/T acoustic guitar w/piezo pickup, EQ and tuner built-in, with both XLR and 1/4" output jacks.
Xaviere DLX II Spalted Maple Carved Top Active Bass - click for more photos Vineyard JB-N Bass - click for more photos "Beatle" Bass copy - click for more photos
Xaviere DLX II bass, Spalted Maple body with a carved top and active electronics. A great bass for a very affordable price. Vineyard JB-N Jazz Bass copy. I picked this up just for fun. It's a cheap copy of a Hofner "Beatle" Bass by Rogue. It's great when I need to get a little McCartney out of my system.
Vineyard Classical Nylon-String w/Pickup - click for more photos "Beatle" Bass copy - click for more photos
This was a prototype nylon-string Classical guitar built for Vineyard, with a built-in pickup. Rouge RLS1MBK Lap Steel, just to play around with.  



Here's my current amp, a Dr. Z MAZ 18. This amp just sounds great, very flexible with lots of great tones.
Dr Z MAZ 18 Amp Dr Z MAZ 18 Amp
  It has a Dr. Z Brake-Lite attenuator installed.
DR Z MAZ 18 Amp DR Z MAZ 18 Amp
I also own a Vox AC15 amp. I upgraded the tubes and put in a Celestion Blue speaker.
Also replaced the reverb tank.
Vox AC15 Amp Vox AC15 Amp
Vox AC15 Amp
For practice & jam sessions, I use a Boss Katana 50.  
Boss Katana 50 amplifier Boss Katana 50 amp
Boss Kataana 50 amp
And for acoustic gigs, I use a Fender Acoustasonic.  
Fender Acoustasonic amp Fender Acoustasonic amp
Fender Acoustasonic top


Here are some guitars I used to own, but no longer...

Reverend Avenger w/aluminum top and back - click for more photos Charvel Surfcaster -  click for more photos Orange Jackson Surfcaster - click for more photos
I had special ordered this Reverend Avenger with a "Ridged Aluminum" finish, maple neck & Sperzel locking tuners. A Charvel Surfcaster. With roller bridge & nut. Of all of the guitars I've sold, this is one I miss a lot. A Jackson Surfcaster with a cool transparent orange finish. I replaced the stock humbucker with a lipstick humbucker to bring back more of that classic Surfcaster tone. I also upgraded the tailpiece/bridge to a Wilkinson/Gotoh Adjustable model.
Fender Strat custom-painted like George Harrison's Rocky - click for more photos Fender Telecaster 1957 Reissue Stratocaster - click for more photos
A Fender Stratocaster, faithfully recreated as George Harrison's Strat known as "Rocky".

Blue Paisley Fender Telecaster

1957 Reissue Fender Stratocaster in Shell Pink w/maple neck. Originally had a plain white pickguard w/cream pickups but I upgraded the pickups & put on this pearloid pickguard.
Danelectro 59DC Danelectro Bass Danelectro DC-3
Danelectro 59DC 6-string

Danelectro DC Bass

Danelectro DC3

Blue Star Psychocaster - click for more photos Fernandes Vertigo Vox teardrop copy
A Psychocaster from Blue Star, a small guitar-maker in Michigan, with a cool reflective top.

A Fernandes Vertigo. Always dug that Roadcone Orange color. An early-model Reverend Avenger
Custom-built Warmoth Telecaster - click for more photos Danelectro DC 12-String - click for more photos Danelectro 6/12 Doubleneck - click for more photos
This one I put together myself, using a Warmoth Telecaster body & neck. This one had a quilted maple top, some extra body contours for playing comfort, and a Fishman Piezo Bridge pickup. A Danelectro 12-String A Danelectro Doubleneck.
Fender Aerodyne Tele - click for more photos Electric Sitar - click for more photos Weissenborn copy - click for more photos
Fender Aerodyne Telecaster. Kind of a dissapointment, I didn't keep it for long. A Jerry Jones Electric Sitar copy with Red Crackle finish. Groovy! A Weissenborn copy from Vineyard Guitars.
Vox teardrop copy Gretsch Electromatic Double Jet - click for more photos Fender Nashville Telecaster - click for more photos
Phantom Guitarworks Vox teardrop copy

Reissue Gretsch Electromatic Double Jet. Chambered mahogany body, TV Jones-designed pickups, and Bigsby-licensed Vibrato tailpiece. Fender Nashville Telecaster, with a Strat pickup in the neck position.
ESP Clapton SG Copy - click for more photos Seafoam Green Eastwood Surfcaster - click for more photos Custom-built Warmoth Telecaster - click for more photos
A reproduction of Eric Clapton's famous SG. It is hand painted and does not have a clear coat. It was made to have the look and feel of Clapton's original hand-painted guitar. For more info on the original guitar, which was owned by Clapton and later by Todd Rundgren, click here. Another Surfcaster. This one was a recent reissue from Eastwood with a nice Seafoam Green finish. Custom Warmoth Telecaster w/Contoured Heel, Forearm and Tummy Contours; Schaller locking tuners; DiMarzio Twang King & GFS Lil Puncher XL pickups. I painted & finished this guitar myself.
Custom Warmoth Variax - click for more photos Breedlove CM - click for more photos Custom-built Tele-style - click for more photos
All the electronics from a Line 6 Variax in a custom Warmoth body (with pearloid top) and birds-eye maple neck with matching mother-of-pearl dot inlays. Graphite nut, Schaller locking tuners, contoured body-- all my favorites. Breedlove CM acoustic. The top was bordered in abalone with Bloodwood binding. The peghead and fingerboard were also Bloodwood, and the back & sides were striped Macassar Ebony. A beautiful guitar, sad to sell it but I needed the cash. This one was custom designed by hand-picking the body, neck, pickups, hardware, etc. from the best manufacturers in an attempt to build the ultimate guitar.
Italia Modena Sitar - click for more photos Ibanez Artist
Italia Modena Electric Sitar Ibanez Artist Expressionist Series AR620 IV  
Vox Valvetronix Amp Vox AC30H2 Amp
Vox Valvetronix amp Vox Heritage Collection AC30H2 amp


Other guitars I've owned over the years include:
Gibson Firebird
Gibson SG
Gibson SG Custom
Fender Telecaster Custom (circa '73)
Fender 1979 "Antigua" Stratocaster
Fender James Burton Signature Telecaster
Fernandes "Bergundy Mist" Strat copy (this was my main guitar for almost 10 years)
Hamer green sunburst (one of the few I really regret selling)
Dean Bel-Air
Schecter Strat
Fender James Burton model Telecaster (different than the Signature model)
Alvarez-Yahiri double-neck acoustic
Ibanez Roadstar
Yamaha strat-style
Ibanez Lonestar
Ovation Celebrity acoustic
Kramer Ferringon acoustic/electric
Some kind of Kramer pointy-headstock thing (*what* was I thinking?)
Ibanez Flying V Bass
Peavey T-15 (probably the worst guitar I ever owned)
Washburn strat copy - I forget the model name
Ibanez Studio
Epiphone PeeWee Les Paul
A few Hondo II Cheapo models & a few no-names, way back when...

You can learn more about my band, Ten Story Love, on our website www.tenstorylove.com.