Brad has a small digital recording studio at home, where he's recorded music and audio for personal, corporate & commercial use. You can see a photo of the setup here.

Visit the website for Brad's band, Ten Story Love. Their CD was recorded by Brad in his home studio.

Music has been a big part-- an essential part, really-- of the whole family. Music is what brought Brad & Heidi together in the first place. We don't agree on everything but there's plenty of good music to go around.

Some of the bands & artists we *all* agree on:
Todd Rundgren
David Bowie
Bruce Cockburn
And what can we say about The Beatles? We're all big fans. There's only about a million Beatles websites... start at the Official Beatles website and surf to your heart's content. Don't forget all their great solo stuff, too!
Heidi's favorite bands:
Nine Inch Nails
The Dresden Dolls
The Beastie Boys
The B-52's
International Noise Conspiracy
The Hives
Brian Setzer
Matthew Sweet
King Crimson
Jane's Addiction
The Police
The Ramones
She Wants Revenge
Shiny Toy Guns
The White Stripes
Brad's favorites:
The Who
Myracle Brah
The Shazam
The Bears
Doug Powell
Aimee Mann
Glenn Hughes
Bettye LaVette
Big Star
Average White Band
Thin Lizzy
Sly & The Family Stone
James Brown
Christian's favorites:
The Residents
Green Day

If you love power-pop music, then you've got to check out the artists on Not Lame Recordings, a record label dedicated to the art of rocking pop, meaty hooks, and crafty tunes. Some of the best power pop acts in the world are at Not Lame. You might not know their names but you'll LOVE their music.

Is there such a thing as a "perfect song"? If there is, Brad thinks it just might be "Cliche" by Todd Rundgren -- the most beautiful song ever written (according to Brad, anyway). As Todd said, it's "a song about the things people say to each other instead of the things they really mean to say to each other". Here's a nice solo acoustic version of the song:

Another live performance of the song, featuring a Roger Powell piano solo, is here.

Great performances don't come any greater than this: the amazing Bettye LaVette performing at The Kennedy Center honoring The Who. One of the most moving things I've seen in years-- it still gives me goosebumps:

Sometimes, youth isn't everything. Years of living and life experience can add a weariness & wisdom to a singer's voice that you can't just emulate when your young. No singer in their 20's-- not even Bettye herself at that age-- could sing this song with the emotional depth as she does here. You need the mileage to be able to express those emotions with such truth.